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Saint Philaret
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Saint Philaret's Parish Names Days

The dates listed are with the traditional church calendar first, followed by the new calendar date.


Jan 1/14, Karyakin, Vasilina.
Jan 2/Jan 15, Karyakin, Seraphim.
Jan 3/Jan 16, Kirk, Genevieve.
Jan 14/Jan 27, Marcinowski, Nina, Matushka.
Jan 14/Jan 27, Fagnand, Grace.
Jan 22/Feb 4, Ryan, Timothy. (Reposed)
Jan 29/Feb 7, Gibbs, Felicity.
Great Lent

3rd Sunday of Great Lent.
Penk, Michelle.

4th Sunday of Great lent.
Fr. Michael's ordination to the Diaconate.

5th Sunday of Great Lent.
Nikiforov, Maria.

March 2/March 15 Frilingos, Euthalia.
March 15/March 28, Manuel Malave.
March 17/March 30, Nikiforov, Alexei.
March 17/March 30, Nikiforov, Alexey.
March 18/March 31, Penk, Edward.
Tuesday of Renewal Week.

Marcinowski, Irene.

April 21/May 4, Karyakin, Feodore.
April 25/May 8, Vardal, Yia-Yia Cassandra. (Reposed)
April 25/May 8, Antoniou, Cassandra.
April 28 and 29/May 11 and 12, Finnie, Jason.
April 30/May 13, Kirk, James.

Sunday of the Blind Man.
April 30/May 13. 2018, Vladimir & Nikifor's elevation to Ecclesiarchs.

May 4/May 17, Mihailoff, Monica.
May 26/June 8, Collier, Augustine.

June 1/June 14 Finnie, Justin.
June 2/June 15, Nikiforov, Nikifor.

July 1/July 14, Collier, Angelina,
July 4/July 17, Wojcik, Alexandra, Diaconissa.
July 4/July 17, Fagnand, Alexandra.
July 4/July 17, Finnie, Nicholas.
July 5/July 18, Fagnand, Elizabeth.
July 15/July 28, Mihailoff, Vladimir.
July 15/July 28, Malave, Vladimir.
July 16/July 29, Gibbs, Julia.
July 19/Aug 1, Karyakin, Milica.
July 23/Aug 5, Nikiforov, Ezekiel.
July 24/Aug 6, Nikiforov, Christina.
July 25/Aug 7, Collier, Anna.
July 25/Aug 7, Russo, Anna. (Reposed)
July 31/Aug 13, Gibbs, Benjamin.
Aug 30/Sept 12, Vardal, Alexander.
Aug 30/Sept 12, Pseftoudis, Alexandros. (Reposed Jan 20/Feb 2, 2019)
Aug 30/Sept 12, Fagnand, Alexander.

Sept 1/Sept 14, Vardal, Evanthea.
Sept 1/Sept 14, Wojcik, Caleb
Sept 17/Sept 30, Finnie, Sophia.
Sept 17/Sept 30, Karyakin, Vera.
Sept 25/Oct 8, Collier, Ceolfrith.

Oct 6/Oct 19, Penk, Thomas.
Oct 23/Nov 5, Wojcik, Jacob.

Nov 8/Nov 21, Nikiforov, Mikayla.
Nov 8/Nov21, Marcinowski, Michael, Priest.
Nov 8/Nov21, Karyakin, Michael.
Nov 10/Nov23, Malave, Manuel.
Nov 23/Dec 6, 1999 - Fr. Michael's Ordination to the Priesthood.
Nov 25/Dec 8, Kirk, Katherine. (Reposed)
Nov 25/Dec 8, Wojcik, Catherine.
Nov 25/Dec 8, Marcinowski, Catherine.
Nov 25/Dec 8, Mother Katherine. (Reposed)

Dec 6/Dec 19, Finnie, Nicole.
Dec 11/Dec 24, Rodrigue, Daniel. (Reposed June 25/12)
Dec 24/Jan 6, Wojcik, Adela.
Sunday before Nativity

Wojcik, Jacob, Priest.
Seder, Noah.
Nikiforov, Sara.
Penk, Joshua.
Frilingos, Sarah.
Sunday after Nativity

Marcinowski, David.
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